JoJo (born name “Joanna Noëlle Blagden Levesque”) is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She was born on December 20, 1990 (age 25)
Brattleboro, Vermont, U.S.

JoJo released her eponymous titled debut album in June 2004. “Leave (Get Out)”, her debut single, reached number one on the Billboard Pop songs chart, which made her the youngest solo artist to have a number-one single in the United States, at thirteen years old.

Jojo’s Albums:

  • JoJo (2004)
  • The High Road (2006)

1. Can’t Take That Away From Me (2010)
2. Agápe (2012)


1. #LoveJo (2014)
2. III. (2015)
3. #LoveJo2 (2015)

JoJo Songs